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serato itch freezes

Vestax VCI‑300
MichelleG 9:37 PM - 25 January, 2010
Product: itch
Hardware: vestax-vci-300
Computer: mac
OS Version: win7

everytime i run serato itch after 2 min of playing my computer freezes. i downloaded itch from the website. i just bought a new laptop with 4gb of memory dual amd athlon processor gateway. im using 32bit on windows 7 becuz i know 64bit will not run the software.
Matt-C 11:33 PM - 25 January, 2010
Hi MichelleG.

Can you please give me the exact CPU processor information?

Also make sure you are doing everything in this article:

Do you use any other USB devices?
MichelleG 11:56 PM - 25 January, 2010
hello thanks for getting back

ive read the manual for vci 100 times also just read the link you gave me and tried everything. i have the latest version of 1.5. i called support tech about it and they said it could be my processor which is an amd and to switch to intel could that be the problem?

my computer is a gateway AMD Athlon 2 processor
500gb hdd
4 gb memory

no im not using any other usb devices

when it freezes my computer goes black and all the levels on the vci stay where its at.

i think i have two of the same forums going i dont know how that happened sorry.
Matt-C 1:06 AM - 26 January, 2010
OK, well it certainly looks like it could be your processor. AMD processors aren't supported for use with ITCH (here:

You can however, try to follow this FAQ, it may help alleviate the issue:

Not all computers have issues, but your symptoms look like they may be pretty bad.

Let me know how you get on.
MichelleG 1:25 AM - 26 January, 2010
ok thank you i am taking the computer back and getting an intel dual core prosessor if i have any further issues after that i will let you know

thanks again :)
Matt-C 2:33 AM - 26 January, 2010
Sorry we couldn't help any more. Good luck!