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Crates will not load into Serato

Vestax VCI‑300 + Vestax VFX‑1
Bmas130 5:25 PM - 13 June, 2013
Serato Itch 2.2.2 is currently only showing 13 of my 64 crates. One day I loaded up my computer and all of the crates from the past year no longer showed in my crates list. I see that there are still 64 crates in the folder (C:\Users\Bmass\Music\_Serato_\Crates) but Serato will not register them in to the program.

This has happened once to me before, and I had to rebuild my crates, but I don't want to have to keep doing that! I need stability in a program I use to make my living off of.

Please help me get my crates back into Serato.
Bmas130 5:15 PM - 17 June, 2013
I DJ'ed a wedding over the weekend and had to rebuild all of my wedding music crates. When I turned on my computer today (Monday) all of those new wedding crates were gone, in fact only 4 crates are showing up now. I don't understand how the .crate files have not moved from their original location, but the program will not read them.

Please help.
Jamie W 3:55 AM - 20 June, 2013
Hey Bas130,

Thanks for getting in touch,

1. Do you use any external hard drives to organise your music?

I see that there are still 64 crates in the folder (C:\Users\Bmass\Music\_Serato_\Crates) but Serato will not register them in to the program.

I think this is your problem. In older versions of ITCH / Scratch Live crate files were saved to the CRATES folder. In newer versions of ITCH / Scratch Live / Serato DJ, crate files are saved to the "Subcrates" folder.

1. Navigate to your _SERATO_ folder.
-- Do you see a Subcrates folder in here?
-- If you dont see a Subcrates folder, create one.
2. Navigate to your _SERATO_/CRATES folder.
-- Move all crate files from here to your Subcrates folder.

3. Launch ITCH.

Do your crate files now show up correctly?

Let me know how you get on :)

Bmas130 3:40 AM - 3 July, 2013

Thank you very much for your assistance. There was an empty folder labeled "subcrates" in the Serato folder. At first the files wouldn't load into the folder, I had to go into the advanced settings to find out the folder was set to "Read Only". After switching Read Only off, I was able to drop the .crate files into the new folder, and they loaded into Serato just fine.

You saved me so many hours of work, I thought I was going start over from scratch. Thank You.
Jamie W 3:52 AM - 3 July, 2013
Hey Bmas130,

Nice work resolving your issues!
No problem :) if you ever have any other questions / issues feel free to get in contact with us.